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Oracle E-Business Tax Implementations

  • Introduction to the Eb-Tax Module 
  • High-level overview 
  • Components of the Regime to Rate Flow 
    1. Tax Regime 
    2. Tax 
    3. Tax Status 
    4. Tax Jurisdiction 
    5. Tax Recovery Rates 
    6. Tax Rates 
    7. Tax Rules 
  • Vertex integration
  • Supporting EB-Tax
  • Tax Reporting


Introduction to the Eb-Tax Module 

  • Oracle EB Tax module provides a centralized rules applied to transactions to manage globally and reduce risk
  • It Provides a complete Tax service to all the Business processes
  • It uses a global system architecture, resulting in more scalable and robust tax solution for clients business
  • Improved Reporting
  • Automation of tax processes on transactions to increase operational efficiency


High-level overview