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Hadoop for Java Developers

With the revolution in Social media Innovation has changed the outlook of the Business houses in last couple of years. More than 80% of the electronic data worldwide has been created in last 4years. Organizations are collecting data from different disintegrated system for decades, but was never able to use the intelligence collectively a BI for trend analysis, track or critical decision making.

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Hadoop is written in Java, so developers who already made their hands dirty with Java, can easily pick-up Hadoop than others. Hadoop supports distributed application, was introduced by Dough Cutting & Michael J. Cafarellain in mid of 2006. Hadoop has started gaining momentum in the job market over last couple of years and reasons more than one.

A. Hadoop works on practically any servers and OS. Reason for it to called as “Distributed Processing”. It also called as “Parallel Processing” as it enabled you to work on more than one server simultaneously.

B. MapReduce programs are written in Java, so again its easy for java developer to get speed faster on Hadoop than others.

C. Businesses and Organizations started transitioning into Hadoop in a best possible ways, and are in a constant hunt for java developers skilled in Hadoop.

Hadoop works on two different generation Hadoop 1.0 & Hadoop 2.0 which, is based on YARN (yet another resource negotiator) architecture.

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Learning Hadoop is easier for Java developers, but you need much more than just